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When producing a video, most people focus on selecting the right footage. They then make sure it all fits together to tell the story. The last thing many people think about is the music. However music is easily as important as the visuals when it comes to communicating the overall message. Music can convey emotion in dramatic style and emotion is the key element of any promotional video. When the right music is combined with the right visuals the result is a video that achieves all the objectives whether the video is about a yacht or a company brand. 

At Superyacht Media our experience shows us that a small investment in the creation of a custom music track pays huge dividends compared to using library music. Our music composer Ben Whyntie has shared his views below on this important topic.

Why Use Bespoke Music?
Library music can be quick, convenient and sometimes cheap but sometimes after hours of searching you still can’t find the right piece of music for your product. So what are the benefits of using bespoke music?

Personal: Having that personal interaction with a composer allows you to bounce ideas off each other, have discussions about musical direction and get the end result that matches your vision.

Versatility: One of the greatest benefits of using bespoke music is versatility. When using library music you don’t have the option to tweak the track to match your latest edit. You might find that the beat is what you are after, but there are other instruments or melodies that don’t quite work. Using bespoke music allows you make these editorial changes easily and quickly.

Time saving: A composer could actually save you time. You can leave your visual editor to concentrate on what they do best while leaving the music to a specialist.

Tailored to fit: Sifting through library music to find something that fits can be an arduous task and after a while everything starts to sound the same. A composer can create something unique to your brand and your product that flows with the video and displays the emotion and style you are conveying.

Brand identity: Library music can be accessed by almost anyone so it’s pretty safe to say that someone else has used or will use the music you choose. Having another company use the same music as you can be very detrimental to your brand. Help maintain your identity with bespoke music.

You’ll agree that quality is important to you and your brand. Don’t let generic library music let you down. Gain the edge over your rivals with quality bespoke music.

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